My Father Died for This

Lukhanyo Calata, Abigail Calata


About this book:

Journalist Lukhanyo Calata discovers the life of the father he never knew: Fort Calata, one of the ‘Cradock Four’ who were murdered by agents of the apartheid state in 1985. A poignant and inspiring journey into the history of a remarkable family that traces the ANC’s struggle beginning with treason trialist and Secretary-General Canon James Calata.



My Father Died for This: A history of the Calata family



Unfinished Business

Lukhanyo Calata

About this film:

Complete short film by Lukhanyo Calata of his journey to his hometown of Cradock in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. He had to seek the permission of his mother and the other widows of the Cradock 4 to find their killers.